David Hutchison

Software Development Lead

David Hutchison


I am a software developer with 12 years professional experience delivering solutions using a range of different technologies. I am passionate about building robust, maintainable software and a strong believer in automation of tasks to improve their speed and reliablity. I thrive when working under pressure and enjoy learning new technologies.

I am always looking for a challenge.


Software Development Lead

January 2015 - Present

Software Developer

July 2008 - December 2014
The SEEMiS Group LLP, Hamilton

I started off at SEEMiS as a fresh faced graduate, just out of university. In my time here I have honed my skills with a variety of technologies while also gaining confidence in my abilities as a developer, a development team lead, an aspiring software architect, and all the other roles I perform on a day-to-day basis.

This role consists of developing and supporting Management Information Systems used in the education sector by all 32 of the Scottish Councils.

My main responsibilities have grown over time, they now include :

  • Full software development cycle involving clients and teams of developers, from requirements capture all the way through to delivery.
  • Database design, implementation and optimization. The main database has always been Microsoft SQL Server, but in the latest developments we are moving to PostgreSQL.
  • Producing deliverable specifications from requirements which can be implemented by other developers.
  • Testing of software; both during development and final integration testing using both manual and automated methods (using JUnit). This includes production of test plans for integration testing by other developers and the Client Support team prior to deployment.
  • Presentation of developments to Client Support team and clients in a non-technical manner.
  • Planning project using Scrum methodology, using Jira as our ticket management tool, to meet deadlines.
  • Mentor and advise other developers where required.
  • Production of technically focused documentation for new and existing systems.
  • Working with external organisations on integration projects.
  • Working with the Infrastructure team on new projects and resolving issues.
  • Configuration of application servers in a scripted and reproducible way.

For many years my role also included providing third tier helpdesk support, but as the structure of the organisation has evolved, I only become involved in circumstances that require my specialised knowledge and expertise.

During my time here I have worked with a number of frameworks, both legacy and current. Server frameworks I have used include Spring, JDBC, EJB, RMI and various flavours of web services (RPC, SOAP and REST). User interface development has mostly been in Swing, but I have also had experience with JSP / servlets, HTML / Javascript and Echo2. Many open source products have been used in the solutions such as iText, JasperReports, SwingX and JXL, some which required fixes to be contributed.


AgilePM (2014) Foundation

Training ByteSize / APMG International


Java SE 6 Programmer

Oracle Certified Professional


2.1 BSc. Hons. Computer Science

University of Strathclyde, Glasgow



Through my time doing professional, academic, and hobbyist software development I have worked with a wide selection of software technologies. I enjoy learning new technologies as required to solve problems and try to keep up to date with both new technology and industry developments.

In addition to the technologies I have listed as part of my day to day work, I also have past experience using: JAX-WS, JAX-B, Java EE, MicroProfile, Glassfish, Payara, JBoss, ApacheDS, Axis 1.4 (with WSS4J), TypeScript, Angular, Docker, PHP, HTML, CSS (with SCSS/LESS), Jekyll, Ruby and Python.